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Here at Mischiefblue Solutions
I can help you conquer minor issues with Web Design,
Desktop Publishing and Photography.

About Mischiefblue Solutions

No Mischief & Nothing Blue!!
Mischief was my cat and Blue is my favourite colour.

Thank you for taking the time to get to this bit, not sure what to tell your here apart from that I have always enjoyed doing this sort of thing but unfortunately never gone big with it.

In 1997 that I started making greeting cards while I was in hospital after a breakdown. I kept that up until my father gave me a Desktop Computer.

These cards were basic and hand made with stencils, tracing paper coloured pencils and Gel Pens all that were a god send back in the days when I was unwell.

The Desktop Publishing started after my Father gave me a computer.

Photography - How I would like be a Professional but unfortunatly I am not. It could well have been a different matter if I had decided this while at school and had learnt to drive, I may well have taken up Racecourse Photography. As it is I didn't and I haven't.

I mainly like photographing animals such as dogs and horses. I have done a couple of weddings.

Main Projects


I can produce Personalised Greeting Cards made to order. Acrylic Items such as Key Rings, Fridge Magnets, Letter Openers etc.


I have the ability to create, host and edit websites.
Or I can maintain your website which is hosted on another server.


I like photographing animals. I have done a couple of weddings. Can not travel far as I Do Not Drive. Public Transport.. No Problem.

Toby (Rescued: 2004-2016)

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