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About Mischiefblue

Mischiefblue is my user name and is made up from Mischief (my cat at the time) and Blue - which is my favourite colour.

My parents are called Donald and Margaret and I have a brother called Philip. Sadly, my Mother passed away in 2010 and my Brother passed away 2013.

I own 2 Beagles (Bertie and Fizz), 2 cats (Cheeky and Mischief) and a rabbits (Bolt).

My hobbies and interests are Racehorses, Beagles, Mental Health, DTP, Web Design and a recent interest added is English Pointers & venturing out to dog shows. 

After leaving school in 1976 I started work for Ginger McCain. I worked for Ginger full time up till 1990 and then I worked in a Willy Wonka Place!!

During my time with Ginger I looked after many horses, including Triple Grand National Winner Red Rum.

I have had my issues with Mental Health that have grounded my employment abilities, my aim now is to climb the ladder and turn my Amateur status to Professional!! 

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