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A Solution for a Donation, I produce it, and if you are happy with it
simply donate a quid or two which goes towards
maintaining websites and helps provide
materials that are required to produce any final product.

Desktop Publishing

Now this is something I am good at even if I say so myself. The same old excuse for not being a professional... Indecisiveness a word that has got in the way of me following any subject mentioned on this website. I can produce Personalised Greeting Cards made to order. Cards and invites are a standard A5 size or A6. Cards and Invites are printed onto Glossy Card with a separate inside greeting inlay. Invites are on Card and good quality paper. Posters A4 (can be enlarged to an A3). Flyers A5 are printed on good quality paper.

Amateur Photographer -

How I would like to say Professional but unfortunatly I am not. It could well have been a different matter if I had decided this while at school and had learnt to drive, I may well have taken up Racecourse Photography. As it is I didn't and I haven't. I mainly like photographing animals such as dogs and horses. I have done a couple of weddings. Just recently I have started going to dog shows with a friend so maybe we might see some show photos on here.

Amateur Web Designer-

Web Design is something I liked the idea of but didn't think I would do. Then my brother Philip, did a template for me and introduced me to Pagetutor. Indecisiveness got in the way of this being a lifetime job. I can produce simple sites that get their point across to the public... plain and simple no complicated high tech malarkey.

Desktop Publishing

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Amateur Web Designer

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